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08.05.2022 | Просмотров: 139

I love sales! How could you not love them? And when there are sales all year round? It's a fairy tale... No, it's an outlet!

Outlet is a huge shopping complex, often located outside the city or on its outskirts, where you can find things of famous brands with discounts up to 80%. Outlets present a collection of past seasons, which were not sold in the boutiques. So if you dream about extravagant shoes with feathers from Prada or about Furla's handbag, you are likely to find them there.

I was introduced to the concept of "outlet" about six years ago, on one of my first trips to Europe. Most of my branded accessories and things are from there. I have one favorite place not far from Florence (but about that another time). The beauty is that in one small town, in other words, there are over seventy different brands. You can find luxury brands, sports, casual, homeware and cosmetics. It is better to go there for the whole day, to wander quietly through the stores, with a break for lunch and coffee.

Visiting outlet stores abroad, I couldn't help but think that St. Petersburg lacks such a place. Outlet Village Pulkovo heard my requests and opened its doors the October before last. I took part in shooting their commercial.

The outlet looks in a very European way: there are spacious alleys with stores, rest places, a lot of greenery and fountains. The peaceful atmosphere makes for a relaxing shopping experience. Among the brands worth mentioning are Coccinelle, Lacoste, Stefanel, Trussardi, Levis. In my opinion I miss such luxury brands as Gucci, Burberry, Etro, Dior. Over time, new brands are promised to appear.

And now about the most important. Outlet Village Pulkovo is holding a closed sale for its guests. From May 18 to 21 you can get a card offering discounts on some items. In my opinion it is a great opportunity to update your closet for summer without spending a lot of money.

First outfit. 

Sweater: Michael Kors
Jumpsuit: Levis
Belt: Levis
Scarf: Levis
Backpack: Coccinelle
Shoes: Marni

Second outfit

Dress: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Bag: Michael Kors
Heels: Marni

Third outfit

Coat: Trussardi
Blouse: Trussardi
Pants: Trussardi
Bag: Furla
Sneakers: Iris&Ink

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