Gift card

Gift card

Outlet Village Pulkovo gift card!

You can check the balance of your card by CLICKING HERE.

The Outlet Village Pulkovo Gift Card is a simple and easy way to give something you'll love! You can use it to pay for purchases in all stores and restaurants of our complex. You don't need to fill out an application form or show any documents to purchase it. Gift card is the best gift for colleagues, friends and relatives, which is pleasant to give and receive!

How to buy a gift card?

Get a gift card in a blister at the Outlet Information Center located at the main entrance to the complex. Refill it yourself:

Online, following the instructions on the website
Through the terminal at the information center:
1. Insert your bank card into the terminal, from which the money will be transferred to the gift card
2. Select "Payments and prepaid cards" in the menu
3. Select "Payments and Prepaid Cards" from the menu.
4. Without opening the gift card blister, scan the bar code on the back of the gift card.
5. Next, without opening the Gift Card blister, choose "Using Barcode" or "Using ID Number": -
6. If you choose "Using Barcode", present the barcode on the back of the blister to the ATM scanner.
7. If you choose "Using ID number", enter manually the ID number, which is on the back of the blister.
8. Next, enter the amount for which you plan to replenish the Gift Card (from 300 rubles to 15 000 rubles).

Let's answer some frequently asked questions:

Who can I give a gift card to and on what occasion?

You can give it to anyone: colleagues, friends, loved ones, relatives - on any holiday, on any occasion or just for fun. To buy a gift card, you don't need to show any documents or fill out any forms.

How long does it take to buy a prepaid gift card?

Buying a card takes no more than 10 minutes and you can start using it immediately after it is purchased and activated.

What is the validity period of the gift card?

The validity period of the gift card is indicated on the front of the card.

How many gift cards can one customer purchase?

There is no limit to the number of gift cards one customer can purchase. A maximum of 15 cards can be refilled from one debit card.

If a person has not had time to spend the full amount of the gift card, and its expiration date has expired, can I get my money back?

In case of expiration of the Prepaid Gift Card, the balance of the money will not be refunded.

How do I pay with the gift card?

You will need to enter your PIN at the store if necessary, the PIN is the last four digits of the card.

How do I know how much money I have spent and how much is left on my prepaid gift card account?

You can find information about the transactions made with the Gift Card and check the balance on the website

Can I block a gift card if it is stolen or lost?

In case of loss or theft, the Prepaid Gift Card will not be blocked. If the card is stolen or lost, the remaining balance is not refundable.

Can I withdraw cash from the gift card?

The gift card is for non-cash payments only - you cannot withdraw cash from it.

Why can't you pay with a gift card?

The most common reasons why you can't pay with a gift card:

- there are not enough funds on the card to make a purchase;

- malfunction of the POS-terminal or communication line between the point of sale and the bank;

- damage or demagnetization of the magnetic stripe of the card.

In case of any questions you can contact the Outlet Information Center.

What should I do if the gift card is not accepted for payment (for example, because the name and surname of the cardholder are not indicated on it)?

It is necessary to show your passport and the gift card. On the back of the prepaid gift card there is a white strip on which the cardholder's signature must be affixed. The seller, having made sure that the signatures in the passport and on the card coincide, is obliged to accept it for payment for the purchase.

What to do if the purchase costs more than the amount on the gift card?

It is possible to pay part of the purchase with a gift card and the remaining amount with cash or another bank card.

** The card is temporarily not accepted by the following stores:
Finn Flare
Bona Capona
MZE Daily
No One
Tom Tailor