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08.05.2022 | Просмотров: 302

It's a pleasure to welcome everyone back to my blog. Well, let's not delay and get right to the point. Who suddenly does not know, then less than a year ago I moved from a hot Crimea to severe St. Petersburg, where the weather changes five hundred times a day. That today will be devoted to my monologue, and if you want to be more precise, what to wear in a volatile St. Petersburg and how to look stylish. Ready? Let's go!

I gathered three images, which would be most relevant for the northern capital. It is important to understand that clothes are first of all our personal comfort, and only afterwards we can talk about fashion with style. 

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Our first image is designed for hot and sunny weather. After all, agree, what can be better than a light dress and comfortable shoes in the summer? Only a swimsuit, probably :)

Well, and to complement all this beauty you can use all your favorite accessories. However! The main thing is not to go too much with all this stuff and to make sure that everything is in moderation!

MAVI dress

In the next image I wanted to show something more comfortable and cozy. In a dress, of course, is also comfortable, but let's not forget about the wind :)

So in the second look I always feel very comfortable! Sweaters for me are a direct association with plaid. Well, and if you wear your favorite jeans with the sweater, the day is definitely a success!

Jeans and sweater LEVIS
COCCINELLE clutch bag

Well, the final casual look is my favorite. Brevity and all the things I appreciate so much about clothes are all packed into this look. If last time we wrapped up as warm as possible due to the refreshing downpour, now, as you can see, the sun is out and we want to wear something lighter. The ideal in this case would be the pants. They will not be as hot as the jeans, but they will not freeze. Also there are combined perfectly with pants the elements of the top: everyone's favorite polo shirt and any blouse or shirt. Well, I personally always love to complete the image with tied at the neck pullover, that with the slightest breeze gives an opportunity to untie it and put it on over a T-shirt, very comfortable.

TOMMY HILFIGER polo and pullover
MOTIVI pants

I hope that this article was useful to you. In fact, we can talk about style without shutting up, but I'm sure that each of you understand that it's all individual. It is possible that all of the above images will not suit someone, but it will be primarily based on your personal preferences. Remember that style is your inner state, not the brands you wear. To be stylish means to be in your style, and what it will be given to know only yourself.

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