Spring with OV Pulkovo

09.05.2022 | Просмотров: 473

Especially since St. Petersburg has ceased to be greedy for the sun. It makes the day seem longer and the mood better! Today I would like to tell you how I spent one such sunny day in Outlet Village Pulkovo, which opened not so long ago in St. Petersburg. It is a discount paradise for shopaholics and for those who just want to spend their shopping time comfortably. I adore discount and outlet stores and I never get tired of repeating that the things that are most dear to my heart were usually bought for pennies. Somehow I appreciate and love them more)

My task for the day was to put together 4 looks from the things that are in the stores. Of course I took out half of Levi's and could not pass by Furla, where the prices of bags are much lower than in other stores. The temptation to buy a small crossbody for 8,000r and a denim jacket for 1,900r was very strong.

The images turned out different, but absolutely to my taste. Boyfriends, leather jacket, beige coat and classic pants are absolute and unconditional love! I hope you enjoy my image ideas that were put together thanks to Outlet Village.


I can put this look together with my eyes closed, because this is exactly what I love and often wear in my everyday life. Leather jacket, light shirt and boyfriends is a win-win when you want to look stylish but don't want to bother with it. You can dilute the image with an interesting bag, for example, like this gold chain bag by Furla! And wine color of this jacket just drove me crazy!

Levi's jeans and jacket
Mavi's shirt
Furla bag


This look is an ode to geometry and the minimalism that has become so popular. A long austere camel coat, classic pants and a beige neck sweater. This austerity and the light that fell so perfectly in the photo are just made for each other.


In these looks, I decided to play with "coziness" and put together the most comfortable sets possible. Knitted sweaters, sneakers the color of the world's tastiest ice cream, and a warm jacket with a collar - something you want to wrap up in and never get out in your life.

I wish you a sunny and bright spring!

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