Collection Fall-Winter 2021-2022

It is very simple to take the peaks - you just have to go up all the time!

Boundless freedom, majestic power, unrestrained energy ... mountains are a creation of nature, in which a rethinking of life takes place, where values ​​and awareness of reality change. Place of power. A place to strengthen the spirit. Is it true that mountains can be climbed? Unlikely. But to climb the mountain and conquer the peaks - yes, everyone is capable of it. The main thing is to believe in yourself and not back down, find inspiration and move forward. Upward movement, strength and unshakable determination are embodied in the new KANZLER FW 2021-2022 collection, inspired by the energy and at the same time the tranquility of the mountains, their invincibility and beauty.

Embodying the ideas of designers, testing new fabrics and styles, we thought about how important it is for a man to feel confident, decisive, ready for new heights, living every moment of his life and knowing exactly where he is going. A man in KANZLER clothes, like a mountain river, overcomes all obstacles in his path, but at the same time he knows how to slow down where necessary - at home, with family and friends. There is a stylish solution for every occasion. Stylish Italian suit, made in the best traditions of Naples, for an important meeting, a knitted jacket for a party with friends, a flannel shirt and a fleece tracksuit for a country vacation.

Boundless comfort is given by natural materials created by nature itself, which have absorbed the best and provide a sense of unity with nature, a sense of perfection. The palette is permeated with all shades of mountain landscapes: white is the personification of snow-capped mountain peaks, black is ideally smooth and clean stones in a mountain river, blue is the color of the sky towering above the mountain peaks, brown is the color of stones embodying eternity at the foot of the mountain, green is the color of evergreen forests in gorges. Move forward, conquer new heights with the new KANZLER collection!